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Aspirador Elétrico Vortex OV 3480 - Zodiac

  • The high quality solution for autonomous cleaning of the entire pool, floor, walls and water line. Its ultra-powerful and constant cyclonic suction (exclusive Zodiac ® patent) guarantees perfect cleaning.
  • It should be noted that the robots of the Vortex 2WD line are not suitable for swimming pools with a diamond point bottom and do not clean the ladders or the safety edges.
  • The filter can be accessed from the top of the robot and is easy to clean, making things simpler for you and meaning you don’t come into contact with the debris.
  • Large suction capacity: The OV 3505 robotic cleaner guarantees perfect large-scale cleaning. With its extra wide suction inlet and its high-capacity 5 L filter, it can suck up and store all types of debris.

Features and Benefits

  • Private underground pools and above ground rigid walls.
  • Pool shapes: Rectangular, oval, freeform.
  • Pool Bottoms: Flats, smooth slope, composite slope, diamond tip.
  • Pool dimensions: 12 x 6 m.
  • Cleaning zones: Bottom/walls (except stairs)
  • Power source: Autonomous, 230 V current connection upstream of the transformer.
  • Displacement: Pre-programmed.
  • Traction system: 2 drive wheels.
  • Transmission: Gears.
  • Contact+ Brushes: Yes.
  • Lift System: No.
  • Filter Full Indicator: No.
  • Remote control: No.
  • Security: Interval system, off-water safety, electronic engine protection.
  • Filtering/Access System: Rigid filter with access at the top of the robot.

Optional Accessories
  • Filter for very fine debris.
  • Filter for fine debris.
  • Wide debris filter.
  • Protection case.

Included Accessories
  • Transport car.
  • Command box.
  • Filter for fine debris.


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