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Aspirador Elétrico Vortex OV 5300 SW - Zodiac

  • These robotic cleaners are truly all-terrain: they adapt to all kinds of surfaces, perfectly grip the walls and get over obstacles more easily.
  • These robots are fitted with cyclone suction, ensuring powerful, long-lasting pool cleaning.
  • Thanks to Lift System technology, these robots are also lighter when it comes to removing your cleaner from the pool.
  • The power of cyclone suction
  • Zodiac engineers have created the fi rst cyclonic suction pool cleaners: the fl ow is keeping debris in suspension inside the fi lter and allows a longer lasting suction while limiting the clogging.

Features and Benefits

  • Private underground pools and raised pools with rigid walls.
  • Pool shapes: Rectangular, oval, freeform.
  • Flats, smooth slope, composite slope, diamond tip.
  • Pool dimensions: 12 x 6 m.
  • Cleaning zones: Bottom/walls/water line.
  • Duration of cleaning cycles: multiples from 0h30 to 3h30 (bottom or bottom/walls/waterline or waterline).
  • Power source: Autonomous, 230 V current connection upstream of the transformer.
  • Displacement: Pre-programmed.
  • Traction system: 4 drive wheels.
  • Transmission: Gears.
  • Contact+ Brushes: Yes.
  • Lift System: No.
  • Filter Full Indicator: Yes.
  • Remote: No.
  • Security: Beach system, out of water security, electronic engine protection.
  • Filtering/Access System: Rigid filter with access at the top of the robot.

Optional Accessories
  • Filter for very fine debris.
  • Filter for fine debris.
  • Wide debris filter.
  • Protection case.

Included Accessories
  • Transport car.
  • Command box.
  • Filter for fine debris 60μ.


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