About Us

It aims to be a reference website for e-commerce in the Swimming Pool sector.

Enables your customers to purchase different equipment for swimming pools in a practical and comfortable way without leaving your home or workplace.

Buying at Kiosque das Piscinas offers our customers several advantages. Because we do not have physical stores we can have more advantageous prices.

At the same time, we provide our customers with the opportunity to purchase quality products and obtain Pool Solutions from their homes, offices, offices, bars, restaurants, hotels and other activities.

Swimming Pool Kiosk reproduces the concept of an online showroom.

In this way we hope to respond to the needs of our customers, creating a beneficial relationship for both, taking advantage of the potential of the internet channel and applying it to the swimming pool sector.

Kiosque das Piscinas is committed to an excellent service based on three pillars:


provide a wide variety of products with accurate descriptions and photographs.


be just a click away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The ordered products are delivered within the time indicated with each product.


take advantage of the location of its headquarters, the capabilities, competence and knowledge of its promoters to offer products at very competitive prices.

Thanks for visiting and great shopping!

Note: The photographs of the products presented in Kiosque das Piscinas are the sole responsibility of our suppliers and used with their proper authorization.